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The scheduled work for 2017 (marked by an asterisk and in italics) are as follows:

LINE A. Tartessian Archaeo-mining and metallurgy in Logrosán

A.1. Detection and study of archaeo-mining evidence.

Geomining excavation campaign.

Analytical sampling of minerals and associated elements. 

A.2. Characterization of habitation and working spaces.

Archaeological excavation in open area of ​​a sector of the Western end of Cerro San Cristobal.

Classification, documentation and manual and computerized drawing of the archaeological material recovered. 

Integrated study of the results of the excavation.

A.3. Palaeoeconomy and footprints in the environment.

Study and evaluation of bioarchaeological information (pollens, charcoal, seeds and fauna) and wastetraces  in containers and grinding elements recovered.

Analytical and archaeometallurgical studies of metallic elements recovered in the previous research works.

Radiocarbon (AMS) datings.

A.4. Integration in the territory.

Selective archaeological survey of the axis Logrosán-Medellin (river Ruecas valley and surroundings).

Classification, documentation and manual and computerized drawing of the recovered archaeological material

Integrated study of the results obtained by the archaeological survey.

LINE B. Recovery of the documentation of the research work carried out by of C. Merideth (2000-2002)

B.1. Recovery of the documentation generated in the excavation campaigns in Logrosán 2000-2002.

Location and retrieval of documentation of the aforementioned campaings.

B.2. Integrated study of the results of the 2000-2002 excavations and those obtained by Line A of actions.

Integrated 2000-2002 results and those obtained in Line A of this Project. 

LINE C. Scientific, Social and Heritage  dissemination of results: Villuercas-Jara-Ibores Geopark and Minas de Logrosán Project

C.1. Scientific dissemination.

Writing up the scientific report of the Project and presentation of results in national and international forums and specialized publications.

Creating and maintaining a bilingual website for wide and fast dissemination of the results of the Project.

C.2. Social and Heritage related diffusion

Update the contents of the permanent Archaeo-mining  exposition in the  "Vicente Sos Baynat" Geological and Mining Museum (Logrosán).

Integration of results in the digital platform and media of the Villuercas-Ibores-Jara Geopark.

Creation of a guide for the general public on Protohistoric archeology in the Cerro San Cristobal and updating the content of the posters for the visiting route of the geosite.