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Presentation of the book
23 May, 2016

Presentation of the book "Patrimonio Geológico y Minero..."

The book Patrimonio Geológico y Minero: de la investigación a la difusion(Geological and Mining Heritage: from research to diffusion) has been recently published. The book contains the proceedings of the XV International Conference on Geological and Mining Heritage (XIX Scientific Session of the SDEPGYM), in tribute to Vicente Sos Baynat and Craig Merideth, held in Logrosán (Cáceres) between 25-28 December 2014. The volume, with more than eight hundred pages containing the papers and communications presented to the Congress, has been published by the SDEPGYM and the city council of Logrosán-Diputación de Cáceres and was co-edited by J. M. Mata-Perello, M. A. Hunt Ortiz and E. Orche García.